Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As well as answers to general questions, the following FAQs may include solutions to problems that are not attributable to an error in the CBLVCAT program and also problems for which a zap has not yet been published. The following is a list of frequently asked questions that are answered at the CBLVCAT query desk.

Can I run CBLVCAT Interactively and get the output on my 3270 screen?

YES! You can use SELCOPY Interactive (SELCOPYi), the CBL interactive environment to run all CBLVCAT tasks interactively and obtain the output in a 3270 Window. SELCOPYi also allows you to do perform most of your day-to-day work in a Windows-style mainframe environment.

Using SELCOPYi, you can edit multiple files, view the output of a number of CBLVCAT commands, debug a SELCOPY program, and more..
all at the same time!

Why do I get an IEC181I error message when running LISTVCAT on MVS?

CBLV needs to be in an authorised or Link Listed Library and Linked with AC=1 otherwise an IEC181I 040-002 error occurs.

Can I suppress Data Space getting full messages?

Check the CBLVCPCV setting in the CBLNAME Module.
This parameter defines the threshold above which this message is generated.
The default value is 85% for CBLVCAT 2.00 and 2.10. However in previous versions there was no default and the value is taken as zero.

How can I view the CBLVCAT Options at my site?

Use SELCOPYi or run a batch job with the command QUERY CBLNAME.
This will show the current values for all CBLVCAT parameters that are changeable in CBLNAME.