z/OS Service Package: X2018019

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Incorrect row length (LRECL) returned from READ of a DB2 result table. This problem was introduced by PTF RI33002 to SELCOPY release 3.30.


Dynamic Allocation of generation (+1) of a GDG gives immediate end-of-file on input. Same problem in previous release.


Display of the BLKSIZE value for an output VSE sequential file within the SELCOPY SUMMARY block of the SYSLST output is missing. This problem is caused by APAR fix QI32001 to SELCOPY release 3.20.

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New callable interface, SLCIMS, introduced for SELCOPY in order to simplify IMS CHKP/XRST processing.

SLCIMS is a SELCOPY callable load module designed to be used in an IMS DL1 environment where checkpointing and restart is required.

SLCIMS is called via the SELCOPY CALL operation to perform one of the following IMS DL1 function calls when SELCOPY is executed via the IMS batch region controller (DFSRRC00):
  • A basic checkpoint (CHKP)
  • An extended restart (XRST)
  • An extended/symbolic checkpoint (CHKP)


    >> CALL SLCIMS -+- XRST -------------------------+-><
                    |                                |
                    |            +- SELC ------------+
                    |            |                   |
                    +- CHKP ---+-+-------------------+
                    |          | |                   |
                    +- XCHKP --+ +- chkp_pfx +-------+
                    +- SYMCHKP +             |       |
                                             + FORCE +


  1. Operational in DLI or BMP regions.

  2. Supports PSBs generated for all compiler languages (PSBGEN LANG=COBOL, PL/I or ASSEM).

  3. Restores current position in all IMS databases being processed by SELCOPY following a checkpoint call.

  4. Extended restart (XRST) call supports restart of a SELCOPY job from a checkpoint location. The following SELCOPY data areas are restored:

    • The user work area buffer.

    • For each open IMS DL1 database connection, the input and update segment counts, current and longest segment lengths, file size value and end-of-file status flag.

    • The value assigned to each user @ pointer variable.

  5. Support for BMC Application Restart Control (AR/CTL) FORCEd check point to override its checkpoint pacing rule.

  6. POS PCB is updated to point at the I/O PCB for the CHKP/XRST call. Therefore, POS STATUS will reference the CHKP/XRST status code.

  7. Following a CHKP call, the system @ pointer references the SLCIMS return object structure which contains the 8-character checkpoint identifier and status information on the Get Unique (GU) call performed on each database object in order to re-establish position.

  8. POS RECODE and RETXV values indicate success or otherwise of the SLCIMS call.

For further details and examples of use, please refer to the SELCOPY IMS Call Module document.

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IQ005032, IQ005030, IQ005022, IQ004946, IQ004608:

General SELCOPYi utility Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Improve FCOPY efficiency and performance for basic copy between sequential data sets.

  • Improve FSU performance when using FIND in conjunction with a FILTER or WHERE specification.

  • For COMPFILE, FSU and FCOPY utilities, support record type and field name remapping.

    Previously, where input and output structures were specified, a connection would be made only between input/output fields of the same name existing in input/output record-types of the same name. This feature allows the user to connect an input record-type to an output record-type of a different name, and then input fields to output fields respectively.

    Primary command syntax and utility panels have been updated to support this enhancement.


        FCOPY                                             \
          NBJ.SELCTRN.ZZST2DAT                            \
          NBJ.SELCTRN.ZZST2DAT                            \
                   USING SDO   NBJ.SDO(ZZSMUSIC)          \
          MapRecord                                       \
           (          ZARTIST from ARTIST  /* Rec-type */ \
            (MapField(ZRT     from RT                   ) \
             MapField(ZARTIST from ARTIST.ARTIST        ) \
            )                                             \
                      ZALBUM  from ALBUM   /* Rec-type */ \
            (MapField(ZRT     from RT                   ) \
             MapField(ZALBUM  from ALBUM.ALBUM          ) \
            )                                             \

  • COMPFILE support to conditinally exclude from the compare operation specific fields within unformatted record text.

    Introduces new syntax to COMPFILE primary command for unformatted compare:

          |                                              |
          v                                              |
          |                                              |
          |         +----------+                         |
          |         v          |                         |
          + IGNore (+- pos:len +-+-------------------+-) +
                                 |                   |
                                 + WHEN (expression) +


       COMPFILE                                         \
          JGE.SELCTRN.ZZST2DAT      /* New-file */      \
          NBJ.SELCTRN.ZZST2DAT      /* Old-file */      \
            readahead(100)                              \
            ign( 11:8  21:6  131:999                    \
                when( left(record,1) = '3'              \
                     & (   record << 'blues'            \
                        or record << 'tables'           \
                        or substr(record,209,4) = '1997'\
                       )                                \
                    )                                   \
                )                                       \

  • Like COMPFILE, FSU now includes support for the CONTEXT <n_lines> parameter. This enables display of n_lines number of records that occur before and after the record(s) matching the search criteria.

IQ005029, IQ005028, IQ005024, IQ005014, IQ004951, IQ004828:

SDE Data Editor Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Correct possible 0C4 program check during DB2 edit with AUDIT log output. Problem occurred following insert of a row where data in the row was enough to write several audit log records.

  • Correct possible 0C1 program check which occurred following SAVE to dataset being edited for update-in-place.

  • Correct EXCLUDE primary command so that where parameter ".ZCSR .ZCSR" is used, only the focus line is excluded, not all lines.

  • Edit or Browse of a DB2 result table specified via a DB2 VIEW name has been enhanced so that, provided the VIEW has not referenced a table column as a different name, all primary key columns of all tables specified in the VIEW are identified.

  • Improve performance for DELETE when Auxiliary Edit method is used.

IQ005027, IQ005025:

DB2 Panel Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Correction to the SELCOPYi DB2 unload panels which generated invalid DB2 UNLOAD utility syntax when an output copybook was used to unload a NULLable field and that field name was not preceded by another field name containing the string "NULL".

  • The FILTER panel for DB2 no longer displays the LEV and PIC columns in the SELECT, thereby allowing for an increase in the VALUE column width.


List Window enhancement:

  • LISTLIBRARY (LL) is now treated as LISTPATH (LP) if the specified library name is not a valid DSN but is a valid HFS file path.


On-line Help system updates:

  • Add SELCOPY C++ (SLC) 3.40 changes summary page and SELCOPY Product Suite 3.40 New Features page.