z/OS Service Package: X2019037

Operating System:
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FSU enhancement:

      MAXINput nrecs - max input recs across all files
      MAXOUTput nrecs - max output recs across all files


Text-Edit macro bug fix:

A macro that does a series of edit/quit sequences on a large number of files would exhaust available storage as storage was not released after a file was quit, unless a "REFRESH" operation was executed.

IQ005091, IQ005086, IQ005073, IQ005072, IQ005071, IQ005066, IQ005052, IQ005045:
Improved handling of HSM migrated datasets for operations that process multiple datasets. i.e. FSU and FCOPY These utilities now offer the user the option of confirming or declining to recall all potential datasets instead of being prompted for each input/oputput datset individually.

New HSMCHK macro will generate a batch job to recall all datasets matching the mask(s) supplied.

      e.g.HSMCHK USER001.**.JCL USER001.**.TXT

IQ005097, IQ005098, IQ005108, IQ005109, IQ005112, IQ005115, IQ005118, IQ005119, IQ005123, IQ005141:

SMF dataset improvements and support for full mapping of additional record-types.

Supported added for:

Record Type Description
20Job Initiation
40Dynamic DD
42DFSMS Statistics and Configuration
43JES2/JES3 Startup
88System Logger Data
100DB2 Statistics
101DB2 Accounting
102DB2 Performance
110CICS Transaction Server
111CICS Transaction Gateway
115MQSeries Statistics
116MQSeries Accounting
119TCP/IP Statistics

  • SMF Browse utility - improved execution speed.

  • SMF Browse utility - reduced storage requirements.

  • SMF Report utility:
    1. New "FILTER:" section in report definition.
    2. New "PAGEDEPTH" option on entry panel.


PL/1 copybook internal parsing fixed to handle "/* */" style comments and comments with an odd number of apostrophes.


Compare-Files utility using different record mapping layouts (e.g. COBOL/PL1 copybooks) for NEW and OLD fixed so that if NEW and OLD record-types don't match and "remap" was defined, then for "1To1" only, map OLD record using NEW record-type layout for the purpose of individual field compares.

IQ005101, IQ005102, IQ005106, IQ005121, IQ005122, IQ005126, IQ005127, IQ005130, IQ005135, IQ005136, IQ005140, IQ005144:

Data-Edit fixes and new features

  • Fix potential abend while using Data-Edit if a separate "zoom" window is opened (using Shoft-F5) then the "HEXD" command is executed to switch to hexdump format display.

  • ENUM values erroneously give message "ZZSD035E Enum values are too large for data element" when source field is integer(4) and SDO has been created using CBL CREATE STRUCTURE syntax.

  • RECID TTR display abended for EXTENDED/MULTI-VOL

  • Fix potential 0C6 abend when scrolling backwards in VBS dataset where records are hidden from view.

  • Allow "COMP-3" etc on a group field to imply the same for all its child elements.

  • Support "LEVEL 1 " syntax on CREATE STRUCT for ASM source to generate a DSECT card.

  • Support for new TIMESTAMP datatype options.

  • New "HEXVIEW" command to cause focus field to display as a horizontal hex value.

  • Content of fields defined as "HEXADECIMAL" datatype now display using standard punctuation

          e.g. '1234,5678 9ABC,DEF0 1234,5678 9ABC,DEF0'

    Option to switch this feature off added to the Settings menu.

  • Fix potential abend while editing DB2 data and attempt made to switch to single record view.

IQ005107, IQ005137:

Text-Edit fixes.

  • "CUT NX" would actually cut "ALL" or "X" if there were already more than one window open on the file.
  • Fix abend when saving a KSDS with a duplicate key.


Support placing a REXX macro variable direclt onto the clipboard using:



Compare Record map structures using new command "COMPMAP" macro

Use SELCOPYi SDO structure record layout utilities to determine correlation between 2 structures that map the same record data.

The 2 structure sources may be any combination of COBOL copybooks, Assembler DSECTs or PL/1 structs.

Syntax:    COMPMAP   <type1>   <fileid1>   <type2>   <fileid2>   <opt>

ASM | COBOL | PL1 source lang type for fileid that follows.
Source mapping library & member name
<opt> Options: NOMATCH - Exclude matching fields from the report output.


"Window List" window (WL) improved to contain command input field to allow tab key to tab to each entry.


File-Copy (FCOPY) using an input dataset name mask utilizing wildcards failed if user had no HFS "home" directory.



  • New "VolX" column introduced to display one of:
    1. Volume id
    2. MIGRAT1 - if dataset migrated to disk
    3. MIGRAT2 - if dataset migrated to tape
    4. *ALIAS
    5. *VSAM
    6. *PATH

  • New option: VSAM Data+Ix> N causes VSAM Data and Index components to be omitted from the list.