z/OS Service Package: X2019123

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IQ005163, IQ005156, IQ005148, IQ005146:

SELCOPYi SMF Utilities enhancements and fixes:

  1. Support added for the following SMF record types:

    Record Type Description
    Type 70 RMF Processor Activity.
    Type 71 RMF Paging Activity.
    Type 72 Workload Activity, Storage Data, and Serialization Delay.
    Type 73 RMF Channel Path Activity.
    Type 74 RMF Activity of Several Resources.
    Type 75 RMF Page Data Set Activity.
    Type 76 RMF Trace Activity.
    Type 77 RMF Enqueue activity. (1)
    Type 78 RMF Virtual Storage and I/O Queuing Activity.
    Type 79 RMF Monitor II activity.

    (1) Type 77 is already supported.

  2. SMF Record Type 80 (Security) enhanced to interpret events and event qualifiers and also map specific relocate sections.

  3. SMF Record Type 110 subtype 1 (CICS Monitoring) updated to include additional fields.

  4. SMFCICSM utility and sample batch job (ZZSSMFC1) included to regenerate SMF type 110 subtype 1 (CICS Monitoring) record mappings which are specific to an installation's CICS systems.

  5. SMF Browse and Report utilities enhanced to support record selection based on User Id and Job name field values. (Already supported for SMF Extract).

    New input fields "User ID>" and "Job Name>" introduced to the SMF Browse and SMF Report panels, each supporting specification of a number of alternative, comma separated UserID/JobName values.

  6. SMF Browse, Extract and Report utilities enhanced to allow multiple, alternate FIND search strings that may be located anywhere within the SMF record.

    Previously, only the SMF Extract utility searched the entire record for a find string. For SMF Browse (full layout) and SMF Report utilities, a find string would only be found if it existed in the Base (Primary) segment. This restriction no longer exists.

    A number of alternate, comma separated search strings may now be specified in the "Find String>" field belonging to each SMF utility panel.

  7. SMF Browse, Extract and Report utilities enhanced to support specification of the logical operator to be applied between the values supplied by SMF Type, User Id, Job Name and Find string record selection criteria.

    Previously, where selection criteria values were specified for one or more of these record selection parameters, a logical operator "OR" was implied. (e.g. Types 60, Find string "SYS1" would select an SMF record of type 60 or a record of any SMF type containing the string "SYS1".)

    New option field "Logic:" has been introduced to all SMF utility panels to control the logical operator used. Supported options are "OR" and "AND".

  8. Where an output limit value is specified it now applies individually to each specified SMF record type (or sub-type).

    Previously, the output limit was applied to all the specified SMF record types as a whole, regardless of the number of occurrences of each particular type. This meant that the selected records need not have included instances of each of the specified SMF record types. This is because the output limit threshold may have been reached before instances of a particular SMF record type were read.

    e.g. Output limit 10 and Types 14,15 will now select 10 type 14 records and 10 type 15 records. (As opposed to 10 records of either type 14 or type 15.)

    Where no specific type(s) or sub-type(s) are specified, the output limit applies to all selected SMF records.

  9. Correct error in SMFFLD (SMF record field mapping) utility which contained a hard coded library DSN.


New Feature - Report Utility for Structured data:

  • Formatted Report Utility panel introduced to generate a text report from fields in data set records that are mapped by SELCOPYi SDO structures, HLASM DSECTs and/or COBOL or PL/1 copybooks.

    Panel is accessible via item 11 (Print/Report) on the primary options panel (=11.2).

    The report definition syntax is identical to that supported for the SMF Report utility.

IQ005161, IQ005160, IQ005159, IQ005157, IQ005152, IQ005150, IQ005149:

Data Editor enhancements and fixes:

  1. Support for keyword "ANY" introduced in FIND, CHANGE, EXCLUDE and ONLY operations so that a search for a specified value in browsed or edited data is not restricted to data mapped by the default record type.

    Record data assigned any record type may be searched. Keyword "FOCUS" will revert back to searching only data assigned to the default record type (i.e. the record type assigned to the focus record of the window display area.

    The default (ANY or FOCUS) is controlled by the SET/QUERY/EXTRACT option RTSCOPE which may also be set via the DAT Edit Setting panel (=0.4).

  2. FILTER specification in BROWSE and EDIT commands has been enhanced to allow a limit for the number of records selected by an individula INCLUDE sub-clause (or deselected by an individual EXCLUDE sub-clause).

    Parameter LIMIT may be specified as part of each INCLUDE or EXCLUDE sub-clause. Each time a sub-clause returns a true condition, the hit count for the sub-clause is incremented by 1. Once the hit count reaches the LIMIT threshold, the sub-clause plays no further part in the filter of subsequent input records. e.g.

       <EDIT CBL.USERS                                 \
          FILTER (                                     \
             INCLUDE RECORD  LIMIT 50                  \
                    WHERE(SUBSTR(RECORD,11,3) = 'NBJ') \
             INCLUDE RECORD  LIMIT 40                  \
                    WHERE(SUBSTR(RECORD,11,3) = 'JGE') \
             STOPAFTER 88                              \

    In this example, the maximum number of records edited is 88 of which a maximum of 50 will contain "NBJ" and a maximum of 60 will contain "JGE" at position 11 of the record text.

  3. Correct error whereby multiple sessions may be opened for edit of the same DB2 object. Problem introduced by PTF RS34003/RS33008.

  4. Correct possible 0C4 program check that may occur on first execution of the SD command. Problem introduced by PTF RS34004/RS33009

  5. Correct 0C4 program check that occurs when BLANKWHENZERO option is set for a field of HEX data type.

  6. Correct storage management for an "EXTRACT /FOCUS/" operation.

IQ005156, IQ005158:

SELCOPYi SDO Structure creation enhancements:

  1. Support introduced in CREATE STRUCTURE Direct Definition syntax to indicate that the source record to which the record type is assigned may contain data in compressed (CSRCE) format.

    An EXPAND sub-clause may be specified as part of the record type definition. This identifies the location (EXPLOC) within the record of the compressed data, the length (EXPSIZE) of the compressed data and the condition (WHEN <expression&rt;) that identifies the data as being compressed.

              (UserInfo  struct                        \
                 ( Header    STRUCT                    \
                     ( HType     INT(1)                \
                      ,HFlag     INT(1)                \
                      ,HTitle   CHAR(20)               \
                      ,HCOff     INT(4)                \
                      ,HCLen     INT(4)                \
                     )                                 \
                  ,CompData  STRUCT                    \
                     ( UserId   CHAR(8)                \
                      ,DescLen   INT(4)                \
                      ,Desc    XVARCHAR(16384,DescLen) \
                     )                                 \
                 )                                     \
               DEFAULT                                 \
               EXPAND                                  \
                 ( EXPLOC   (HCOff)                    \
                   EXPSIZE  (HCLen)                    \
                   WHEN     (HFlag = X'01')            \
                 )                                     \

    This feature has been introduced to support SMF 110 subtype 1 (CICS Monitoring) records which may contain compressed data.


IQ005155, IQ005154:

Miscellaneous fixes:

  1. Correct missing "REXX" notifier in the distributed SELCOPYI startup REXX procedure. TSO EXEC command treats the procedure as a CLIST and error IKJ56532I is returned. Problem introduced by PTF RS33005.

  2. Correct potential 0C4 program check which occurred in CBLIVTAM when closing a user VTAM session.

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Program check 0C4 occurs at end-of-job processing when the last input or output dataset is a VSAM KSDS with key position defined at an offset greater than 2025.

Same problem in previous release.