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IQ005168, IQ005171, IQ005172, IQ005175, IQ005176, IQ005178, IQ005179, IQ005180, IQ005187:

SELCOPYi SMF Utilities enhancements and fixes:

  1. Support added for the following SMF record types:

    Record Type Description
    Type 4 Job Step Termination.
    Type 89 Product Usage.
    Type 98 High-Frequency Throughput Statistics.
    Type 123 z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition.

  2. All existing SMF record mappings updated for improved comment (help) text formatting and/or generic record type selection.

  3. All SMF utilities updated to support filter on the SMF record System ID (zSID) field.

  4. BROWSE utility improved so that specification of an input limit (ILIM) no longer forces all records selected by the limit to be loaded in storage. Records may be loaded and unloaded as the display is scrolled.

  5. EXTRACT utility execution performance enhancement. Whenever possible, the SELCOPY program is invoked to select and extract SMF records resulting in vastly improved execution times. PTF RI34003 is a pre-requisite.

  6. REPORT utility feature extended to support output to the following types of output from the source SMF records:

    • Printed Text
    • Comma Separated Variables (CSV)
    • Extended Markup Language (XML)
    • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

    Note that using report definition syntax to produce output in these formats is also available for non-SMF source records. See the "Formatted Report Utility" panel (=11.2).

  7. REPORT utility printed text output limit (OLIM) when a SORT definition is applied now applies only to the sorted output.

    Typically, processing stops once the number of records selected for report has reached the specified output limit.

    If (and only if) a SORT section has been specified in the report SORT definition input, selection will occur on *all* input SMF records. These records are then sorted and the first number of records matching the output limit value will be reported.

  8. REPORT utility JCL batch job generation updated so that the SDEPRINT DD SYSOUT=* statement includes default DCB information (RECFM=FBA,LRECL=0133).

    This can be modified for reports that are wider that 132 columns.

  9. SMFFLD tool to display field mapping help for the focus SMF record has been enhanced to display the possible text enumeration (ENUM) values for fields assigned coded numeric values.

  10. Correct filter processing on JOBNAME and/or USERID where wildcard "*" (asterisk) is specified. Jobname and userid search values are no longer padded to 8 characters if they include a "*" wildcard which represents 0 or more characters.


SELCOPY Debugger enhanced to support parameters "-DBRC" and "-IRLM" for debug of SELCOPY in an IMS DLI region.

  1. DBRC [Y|N]
    Indicates whether or not IMS Database Recovery Control is to be used in the DLI batch region. "-DBRC" is equivalent to "-DBRC Y".

  2. IRLM [Y|N]
    Indicates whether or not IMS Resource Lock Manager (with default name IRLM) is to be used in the DLI batch region. "-IRLM" is equivalent to "-IRLM Y".

IQ005170, IQ005184, IQ005185:

Data Editor enhancements and fixes:

  1. Primary command VIEW updated to support trailing wildcard "*" (asterisk) on the record-type name. e.g. "VIEW + SMF015*" will add all records of record-types beginning with "SMF015" to the display.

  2. Enhance the SELECT command for segmented records so that field selection on the primary segment record-type may include fields from any of its secondary segment-record types.

    When selecting fields for display in a primary segment, a field from one of its secondary segments may be selected using a qualified field name. The high level qualifier is the secondary segment record-type name and the low level qualifier is the field name. If necessary, intervening qualifiers may be specified to distinguish the field from other fields of the sae name within the secondary segment type. e.g.

       SELECT zRTY, SMF020_Job_Initiation.zJobname

    i.e. Only primary segment field "zRTY" and secondary segment field "zJobname" (mapped by record-type "SMF020_Job_Initiation") will be displayed in the primary segment mapping of the record data.

  3. Support primary command ENUMS to list all enum values for a specific SDO structure name. If no structure name is specified, the structure used in the focus Data Editor display is used.

  4. Correct BROWSE/EDIT when both FILTER and FOR have been specified. Use of the FOR parameter causes the IOP progress window to be opened. However, if no records were selected by the filter, the progress window remained open after the operation finished.


PDSE2 Library Member Generation Erase:

  1. No longer prompt the user to delete all generations when an ERASE operation is executed against a member of a PDSE2 library that supports member generations. Only the latest generation will be deleted.

    To delete all generations, a generation mask must be specified.

  2. Correct bug whereby an entire library may be deleted when the ERASE command is executed with a PDSE library member generation specification and that library is not allocated with a MAXGENS value (i.e. does not support member generations).


Correct 0C4 program check that may occur in a panel containing a table when the cursor is positioned in the column header line above the prefix area and <Enter> is pressed (column sort).


Correct situation whereby ISPF is set OFF following an I/O error in the File Search and Update (FSU) utility.


For all operations on spanned, variable length (RECFM=VS or VBS) data sets, disregard the LRECL value and use LRECL=X instead.


Correct the setup dialog panel which is displayed when SELCOPYi is initially started by the system programmer following a product install or version upgrade.

Following SELCOPY Product Suite upgrade/install, the systems programmer starts SELCOPYi to customise it for the local installation. Tailoring the SITE INI file DSN and selecting "Continue" before <Enter> is pressed gave an unexpected return code which caused SELCOPYi to terminate prematurely.


Storage management in SDEAMAIN (SELCOPYi batch) utility corrected so that a stack overflow condition does not cause a 0C1 program check but will output error message ZZSD792E "ObtainDSA failed" instead.

SDEAMAIN stack maximum storage threshold also extended from 48K to 64K.


Windows management updated so that the WINDOW operation (assigned to F4 by default) to navigate focus to the next window, skips windows that are in a minimised state.

Focus may still be placed on minimised windows via the Window List menu (=WL).

Note that command "WINDOW" and "WINDOW -" execute the SELCOPYi windows opaerions "MDINEXT" and "MDIPREV" respectively.

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Introduce support for I/O on z/OS variable spanned data sets (RECFM=VS or VBS) where LRECL is greater than 32756 (the maximum for BUFTEK=A or BUILDRCD use).

Previously, SELCOPY supported I/O on variable spanned data sets using the BUFTEK=A method. With this SYSMOD applied, SELCOPY will support I/O on spanned records of any length. QSAM XLRI (LRECL=X) will be used where a data set is allocated with LRECL>32756 and RECFM=VS or VBS.

Note that the QSAM BUFTEK=A method must be used if data set is to be opened for update (READ UPD). i.e. Input for update is only possible for spanned data sets with LRECL<=32756.