z/OS Service Package: X2021049

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IQ005341, IQ005296, IQ005292, IQ005285, IQ005284, IQ005283, IQ005280, IQ005279, IQ005272, IQ005208, IQ005203, IQ005189:


Generate printed report, CSV, XML or JSON output from any one of the following sources:

  • SMF records.
  • DB2 result table rows.
  • Formatted dataset records.

  • The REPORT Utility is documented in the CBL publication: SELCOPYi REPORT Utility.

IQ005355, IQ005353, IQ005344, IQ005342, IQ005340, IQ005343, IQ005335, IQ005326, IQ005323, IQ005311, IQ005306, IQ005294, IQ005290, IQ005276, IQ005269, IQ005255, IQ005254, IQ005253, IQ005246, IQ005239, IQ005231, IQ005222, IQ005221, IQ005214, IQ005207, IQ005195, IQ005177, IQ005145:

SELCOPYi SMF Utilities enhancements and fixes:

SMF Record Type Description
2Dump Header
3Dump Trailer
6External Writer
6IP PrintWay
6JES2 Output Writer
6JES3 Output Writer
6Print Services Facility
7Data Lost
8I/O Configuration
10Allocation Recovery
19Direct Access Volume
21Tape Error
23SMF Status
24JES2 Spool Offload
25JES3 Device Allocation
30Common Address Space Work
33APPC/MVS TP Accounting
34TS-Step Termination
36ICF Catalog Export
41DIV Objects and VLF Statistics
42DFSMS Statistics and Configuration
45JES Stop
47JES SIGNON / Start Line
48JES SIGNOFF / Stop Line
49JES Integrity
50VTAM Tuning Statistics
52JES2 LOGON/Start Line (SNA)
53JES2 LOGOFF/Stop Line (SNA)
54JES2 Integrity (SNA)
55JES2 Network SIGNON
56JES2 Network Integrity
57JES2 Network SYSOUT Transmission
58JES2 Network SIGNOFF
59MVS/BDT File-to-File Transmission
70RMF Processor Activity
71RMF Paging Activity
72RMF Workload Activity
73RMF Channel Path Activity
74RMF Activity of Several Resources
75RMF Page Data Set Activity
76RMF Trace Activity
77RMF Enqueue Activity
78RMF Virtual Storage and I/O Queuing
79RMF Monitor II activity
82Cryptography Services
84JES monitoring facility
85OAM Transaction Performance
86CIM Server
87GRS Monitoring
89Product Usage Data
90System Status
91BatchPipes Statistics
96Cross Memory Service Provider Charge Back
97Foreign Enclave Resource
98High-Frequency Throughput Statistics
99Systems Resource Manager (SRM) Decisions
103IBM HTTP Server
104RMF Distributed Platform Performance
106BCPii Activity
108Domino Server Statistics
117WebSphere Message Broker and IBM Integration Bus
121Java Runtime Performance
122IBM Explorer Developer for zOS
123z/OS Connect
124I/O Supervisor Information

  • Where applicable, description text for SMF field mappings updated to begin with a reference to the standard IBM name in the format: "(IBM Name: xxx)"

  • New SMFOVERV utility introduced to generate a report overview of the types (and subtypes) of records in an SMF generated data set.

  • SMF Browse (SMFB), SMF Extract (SMFEXTRC) and SMF Report (SMFRPT) utilities updated to support record filtering by low and high dates that are a number of day relative to the current date.

        e.g. DATELO( -3 ) DATEHI( -2 )

  • SMF Report utility (SMFRPT) updated to call the general REPORT utility, providing more enhanced SMF record reporting options. (See below)

  • SMF Extract utility (SMFEXTRC) updated with the following fixes and enhancements:

    1. DD SMFXCTL for SELCOPY control statement input. Default is member ZZSSMFEX in the installation ZZSSAM1 library.

    2. Member ZZSSMFEX SELCOPY statements use allocated DD name input and output on READ/WRITE statements. This allows for use of temporary datasets in batch.

    3. Batch execution no longer finishes with RC=0 on out of space conditions (e.g. B37 abend).

  • SMF Field Descriptions utility (SMFFLD) display of less-than, greater-than and apersand symbols corrected.

IQ005263, IQ005261, IQ005235, IQ005227, IQ005218:

Enhancements and fixes to PDSE version 2 member generation support:

  • FSU/FCOPY copy of orphaned member generations (i.e. generations of a member for which no live version exists), no longer leaves the most recent copy of the orphaned member generation as the live member (i.e. as relative generation 0).

    Instead, the copy detects the fact that no live version of the member exists and so, following the copy of all the member's generations, it deletes the latest generation copied. This makes it the -1 generation and so orphans the generations in the target library to match those in the source.

  • Report the MAXGENS value in the INFO panel and update the Maximum Generations field in the Allocate Non-VSAM dialog when a PDSE version 2 library is specified as a model.

  • Use of the "GO" command after a "SAVE" operation (resulting in the creation of a new member generation) has been corrected. In this circumstance, "GO" now opens the new edit/browse session on the member generation text displayed and not the text belonging to what is now the previous generation.

  • Correct display of "Cursize" in member generation lists.

  • Support primary commands to quickly view, list and compare member generations based on the member generation displayed in the current Text Editor or Data Editor view.

    GEN - Edit/View/List/Compare/Recover

          GEN -1 (View/browse relative generation -1)
          GEN 22 E (Edit absolute generation 22)
          GEN L (List all generations of current member)
          GEN C (Compare current generation with prev)

                    +- *-1 ----+   +- View ----+
                    |          |   |           |
         >>-- GEN --+----------+---+-----------+---><
                    |          |   |           |
                    +- 0 ------+   +- Browse --+
                    |          |   |           |
                    +-  -nnn --+   +- Compare--+
                    |          |   |           |
                    +- *-nnn --+   +- Edit     |
                                   |           |
                                   +- List ----+
                                   |           |
                                   +- Orphan --+
                                   |           |
                                   +- Recover -+
                                   |           |
                                   +- Sde -----+
                                   |           |
                                   +- Upd -----+
                                   |           |
                                   +- View ----+
                                   |           |
                                   +- ? -------+

    GENCOMP - Compare current generation with previous. (Provides more options than "GEN COMPARE")

                     +- *-1 ----+ +-- CONTEXT 10 --+
                     |          | |                |
        >>- GENComp -+----------+-+----------------+-><
                     |          | |                |
                     +- 0 ------+ +- compare-opts -+
                     |          |
                     +-  -nnn --+
                     |          |
                     +- *-nnn --+

    GENORPH - List/Delete orphaned member generations. (May also be used to open the panel "List/Delete PDSE v2 Orphaned Member Gens".)

                       +- List ---+
                       |          |
        >>-- GENORPH --+----------+-+----------------+->
                       |          | |                |
                       +- Delete -+ +- library-name -+
            |                        |
            +- DATEHI( timestamp ) --+
            |                        |
            +- DATEHI( nnn Days ) ---+
            |                        |
            +- DATEHI( nnn Months ) -+
            |                        |
            +- DATEHI( nnn Years ) --+

IQ005299, IQ005295, IQ005293, IQ005291, IQ005274, IQ005271, IQ005257, IQ005256, IQ005250, IQ005245, IQ005236, IQ005230, IQ005226, IQ005224, IQ005223, IQ005210:

Enhancements and fixes to SELCOPYi formatted record mapping structures and structure usage:

  • For segmented records processing, correct display of a blank value in a field belonging to a secondary segment that has been selected for display on the primary segment line. This can occur when the secondary segment data length is shorter than the segment map length.

  • Support included for datatype:

        IPADDRESS(n) or IP(n)

        where "n" is 4 or 16.

    IPADDRESS(4) is assumed to be a IPv4 address and will display as "nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn". IPADDRESS(4) display width is 15.

    IPADDRESS(16) will detect if it's IPv4 or IPv6. If first 10 bytes are X'00' and next 2 are X'FF' then it is a IPv4 address with the address in IP(4) format in junior 4 bytes, and will display as "nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn" left-justified in the display width (39).

    Otherwise it is IPv6 address and will display as "0123:4567:89AB:CDEF:0123:4567:89AB:CDEF" IPADDRESS(16) display width is 39.

  • Include SDO structure member "DCOLLECT" for mapping DCOLLECT output records. The SDO may be used with BROWSE to display output and the REPORT utility to generate a customised report.

  • Correct failure to select a record-type mapping based on USE WHEN criteria that refers to a variable length field or a field that starts in a variable position (i.e. a position following variable length field).

  • OFFSET specifies that mapping is to begin at an offset into the record data. Correct failure to use the OFFSET value when the record-type mapping is imported into the structure as a result of DEFER.

  • On the "Structured Data Browse/Edit" panel, include a "Key End" input field for KSDS record selection by key range.

  • BROWSE of a specified number of data set record (FOR nnn) without a start record number (FROM nnn), will no longer attempt to load *all* the selected records into storage. Instead, only a discrete number of records are loaded as required for display.

  • BROWSE/EDIT of a data set using a PL1 copybook that does not contain a DECLARE statement no longer returns an error.


    As for COBOL copybooks with no level 1 entry, SELCOPYi will dynamically prefix the contents of a PL1 structure with "DECLARE 01 SELCOPY01 ," if a numeric integer value other than 1 is detected at the start of the first PL1 statement.

  • Data Edit panel command "EditCopyBook" (F5) where the copybook specified is an SDO (SELCOPYi structure), now displays a formatted view of the SDO contents.

  • Corrections to FILTER clause and WHERE expressions particularly relating to input ENUM fields.

IQ005331, IQ005329, IQ005328, IQ005319, IQ005220, IQ005219:

Updates to the operation of primary commands in the Data Editor:

  • BROWSE DD=ddname supported. The specified ddname may be a temporary dataset or a concatenation of data sets.

  • FILEIO ddname CREAD supported. Records from ddname will be read and appended directly to the SELCOPYi clip board.

  • COPY improved so that records copied into an edit session mapped by a segmented structure will automatically segment the inserted records.

  • SELECT fields from another record-type now returns an error if the focus record-type is not a primary segment.

  • SELECT and VIEW specification of a deferred (DEFER) record-type will import it into the active SDO structure.

IQ005260, IQ005252, IQ005251, IQ005249, IQ005234, IQ005228:

Enhancements and corrections to the Compare Files (COMPFILE) utility:

  • New facility "COMPMTS" to compare the timestamps of 2 members of the same name which exist in different PDS/PDSE libraries.

  • Compare files option SPACE introduced. This will return an equal condition on comparing a pair of records that have differences but are equal after all blanks have been removed.

    If option SPACE is not used, a pair of records that would be equal but for the number of imbedded blank characters, is now treated as a CHANGE rather than an INSERT/DELETE.

  • Correct edit of the compared data set from the Compare output report via CFEDIT (F6) which failed if option LISTFILEACTION is set to anything other than "EDIT".

  • IGNORE no longer results in masked records being kept in storage and potentially causing an out of storage condition and early EOF.

IQ005286, IQ005243, IQ005238,IQ005232:

Corrections to the Text Editor Utility:

  • Storage management improved for LIST primary command output to a file.

  • BOXTOT totalling of numeric values in marked text now supports non-integer values that include a decimal point.

  • Correct poor performance for "HILITE OFF" for display of JSON or XML text.

IQ005242, IQ005240, IQ005233, IQ005217:

Enhancements and corrections to SELCOPYi File Search Utilities:

  • Correct failure to generate a report when no TSO prefix and no OMVS home directory is assigned to the user.

  • "LIMIT n" no longer cause a file copy or update-in-place to terminate early.

  • Prevent a member with aliases from being processed more than once.

  • If "CONTEXT" is requested, prevent an internal error from occuring when one or more of the selected search data sets is HSM migrated and a recall operation declined.

IQ005289, IQ005287, IQ005278,IQ005275, IQ005241, IQ005206:

Enhancements and corrections to SELCOPYi DB2 processing:

  • SELCOPYi table library member for DB2 subsystem specific options (in particular DB2 load libraries). DB2 Settings panel includes item "SubSys" for Product, Shared and User customistation.

  • SQL source data set or library member input to EXECSQL now supports lines with '--' as the first non-blanks characters as comment text. This matches the IBM SPUFI specifications. SPUFI input members may be used as input to EXECSQL.

  • Correct SELCOPYi BROWSE DB2 failures that possible occur following multiple database connections.

  • EXECSQL now supports DDname specification for INDSN, OUTDSN and OUTSDO.

IQ005321, IQ005320, IQ005075, IQ005074:

List window enhancements:

  • "SRCHFOR" primary command supported in data set, library member and HFS/ZFS file lists. SRCHFOR will execute a search for a data string within the file objects displayed in the list, provided they have not been excluded.

  • "MEMBER" primary command supported in data set lists. MEMBER followed by a member name mask will exclude all data set entries in the current list that are *not* library data sets that contain a member with a name that matches the member name mask. Unless HIDE (SHADOW OFF) has been executed, consecutive excluded list entries will be grouped together and displayed as a shadow line.

  • Other primary commands supported in lists that have the same functionality as commands of the same name supported by the Text Editor are as follows:

    Command Description
    EXCLUDE (X) Exclude list entries where the Entry/Member field matches the specified search string.
    ONLY (O) Exclude all list entries where the Entry/Member field does *not* match the specified search string.
    RESET Reset excluded lines.
    HIDE Hide excluded lines shadow lines.
    SHADOW ON/OFFDisplay/Hide excluded lines shadow lines.
    FLIP Reset excluded lines and exclude non-excluded lines.

  • Line commands introduced for all list windows.

    Command Description
    X Exclude the list entry.
    //X //Exclude all list entries in the marked range.
    NX Reset a group of excluded entries.
    (Only applicable on a shadow line.)
    NXF Reset the first excluded list entry in a group of excluded entries.
    (Only applicable on a shadow line.)
    NXL Reset the last excluded list entry in a group of excluded entries.
    (Only applicable on a shadow line.)

  • Delete (D) and rename (R) line commands no longer cause automatic refresh of the list. Instead the entry remains with either

    '--- Deleted ---'


    '--- Renamed ---'

    in place of the additional detail items.

IQ005351, IQ005318, IQ005317, IQ005316, IQ005315, IQ005314, IQ005312, IQ005309, IQ005308, IQ005305, IQ005304, IQ005300, IQ005282, IQ005281, IQ005265, IQ005229, IQ005215, IQ005212, IQ005225, IQ005211, IQ005209, IQ005204, IQ005201, IQ005200, IQ005193, IQ005191:

Miscellaneous changes and enhancements:

  • "SELCOPYi for z/VM CMS" and "SELCOPYi for z/VSE" Border/Title bar PFKeys updated to match "SELCOPYi for z/OS".

  • Introduce compiled REXX versions of macros for improved performance.

  • "IPOLOCS" panel positioning macro supplied.

  • "WW" primary command updated to ensure that the last line of the edit view display is within the frame window client area.

  • Support "RXCCSID=nnn" in position 3 of any comment line within a SELCOPYi REXX macro, where "nnn" is the CCSID of the local system on which the macro was developed. This will trigger automatic CCSID conversion form CCSID "nnn" to the local CCSID for a lines in the REXX procedure.

    This is necessary if a macro may be executed on systems with differing local CCSIDs. For all CBL supplied macros that contain certain special characters, RXCCSID="285" is specified.

  • Support TAGUPPER in JSONGEN/XMLGEN utility panels.

  • "Allocate Non-VSAM" dialog processing corrected so that LRECL=X is only set for allocation of a SPANNED data set if LRECL=32768 is specifically set in the "Record Length" field.

  • "COMPMAP" utility to compare the layout mapping generated by 2 different copybooks, updated to support "OFFSET nnn" for each of the two structures.

        COMPMAP  type1 fileid1 [OFFSET n] ...
               ... type2 fileid2 [OFFSET n]   options
          type1    = ASM|COBOL|PL1 source language type
          type2        for the fileid that follows.
          fileid1  = Source mapping library & member name.
          OFFset n = Offset to be added to field positions
                       for the structure that precedes.
          options  = Run-time options:
                      NOMATCH - Exclude matching fields
                             from the report output.

  • Correct potential 0C4 program check that may occur when using SELCOPY Debug with a SELCOPY that processes IMS/DL1 and an IMS/DL1 user abend occurs. OC4 occurs as SELCOPYi attempts to report the abend information (PSW,REGS).

  • Correct BROWSE and COMPFILE of SPANNED PDS/PDSE library members.

  • Correct 0C4 that may occur when cascading windows wher multiple SMF browse views exist.

  • Update default Text Editor and Data Editor window positions for window cascading.

  • Correct operation of the "START" menu-bar item on product splash screen.

  • Support I/O progress bar for Compare Library (COMPLIB), Get average record length (GETAVRL) and Record merge (MERGE) utilities.

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Use BUFTEK=A for RECFM=VS/VBS spanned data set I/O when LRECL<=32760.

This is a correction to PTF RI34003 which introduced LRECL=X for spanned record I/O with LRECL>32756. LRECL=X should only be used for LRECL>32760.


IEC036I 002-18 occured for output to multiple RECFM=VS/VBS LRECL=X datasets within the same SELCOPY execution.

PTF RI33007 and PTF RI34003 introduced support for processing spanned records with LRECL>32756.


Correct CEE3608I/CEE3611I/CEE3606I errors that may occur when CALLing a COBOL program that has been compiled using version 5.0 or later of the Enterprise COBOL compiler.