There is absolutely nothing we can complain about regarding the service we got from CBL.

I have nothing but praise for SELCOPY, the software is very reliable and cannot recall the last time we had any issues with it.

Herman Tse, Technical Specialist

SELCOPYi provides an extremely effective and efficient way to interact with large files; it is the product I use first while others exhaust time and memory using other products.

Mark Salter, Senior Solutions Architect

For a project, record in your "HOME" file, annotated commands to ...
  - submit jobs
  - access datasets and DB2 tables
Then 6 months later ...
  - open the project record and the guided
   memory is restored as if no time has passed!
Ian Gough, Analyst Programmer

I always find CBL support responsive and very helpful!

Rod Pilcher, Interactive Data (Europe) Ltd

SELCOPY is easy to use, code it as you speak it.

David Blake, a large financial organisation

SELCOPY (z/VSE) is by far the most useful software product we have. I am a great fan of SELCOPY and it's always my number one choice for anything new.

Tony Philips, Senior Software Engineer

I never thought I'd be amazed at what a mainframe was capable of again!

Ian Gough, Analyst Programmer

SELCOPYi turns ISPF on its head!

Doug Grover, Tools Team

It is the backbone of our reporting and data warehouse maintenance job streams that operate every night. I couldn't live without it!

Edward J Muench, IT Consultant, ERP & manufacturing Systems.

Thank you very much. Everything is now working. You have saved me hours/days of work."

Paul Ramsay, Senior Systems Programmer.

Thank you for your assistance (and for bringing such a neat tool to market!)

Doug Grover, Tools Team

SELCOPY is good at doing what other software cannot

Dean Todd, System Programmer

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Our specific download environment is IBM AIX. We found out that AIX/SELCOPY did not do conversions from mainframe floating point fields. However, CBL promptly filled this gap...

The partnership with Compute (Bridgend) has really added value to our operation. The production and introduction of SELCOPY has saved us considerable sums which can now be invested...