SELCOPY and CBLVCAT Maintenance

Maintenance to SELCOPY and CBLVCAT and answers to frequently asked questions may be found on this page and the SELCOPY FAQs and CBLVCAT FAQs pages respectively. Users should refer to these pages prior to contacting CBL directly.

As well as answers to general questions, the FAQ lists may include solutions or work arounds for problems that are not attributable to an error in the repective program, or problems for which a fix has not yet been published.

If you cannot find the answer to your query on these web pages, then please contact the CBL query desk via the following:

CBL provides a 24 x 7 technical support service to all customers via telephone.

During normal office hours (09:30-17:30), every endeavour is made to supply immediate technical support via the telephone. At all other times, including weekends and Bank Holidays, a recorded telephone message provides relevant telephone number(s) for technical emergencies only.

Maintained Releases

Maintenance support is available for the following releases of CBL software components:

SELCOPY Releases
SELCOPYi Releases
CBLVCAT Releases