SELCOPY Product Suite 3.50 Maintenance


SELCOPY Product Suite 3.50 for z/OS

SELCOPY Product Suite 3.50 for z/OS

Maintenance to SELCOPY Product Suite for z/OS is distributed as service packages of APAR fixes and PTFs and applied via SMP/E electronic delivery (FTP).

Each service package is referenced as Snnnnnnn or Xnnnnnnnn, where nnnnnnn is the service package number. "S" prefixed packages contain APAR fixes (Zaps) only whereas "X" prefixed packages contain PTFs (module replacements, etc.)

"S" prefixed service packages are supplied as z/OS JCL job streams which may simply be transferred to your z/OS host, tailored to your local SMP/E environment and submitted.

Before beginning install of a SELCOPY Product Suite "X" prefixed service package, please see the README text file for information on alternative methods of downloading and installing the service.

If you choose not to download the .ZIP or .PAX.Z archives (see method 2 below), then an SMP/E RECEIVE FROMNETWORK job or a simple FTP job may be used to download files from each service package. These are as follow:

Service Package FTP Only SMP/E RECEIVE over FTP Last Update
X2022010 FTPJOB SVCRFN 2022/01/13 12:35

Installation material electronic transfer methods are documented in detail in the README text file but are summarised as follows:

  1. Directly transfer the required service package materials from the FTP site to an HFS (or ZFS) directory on the z/OS host using either of the supplied job streams (FTPJOB or SVCRFN).

    Whichever job is chosen, it should be copied to a member of a job library on the z/OS system, tailored for your local environment and submitted for batch processing. Job tailoring instructions are found in the comment data at the start of each member.

    FTPJOB simply uses the z/OS FTP client to transfer the package materials, whereas SVCRFN optionally performs the following additional tasks:

    • For SMP/E 34.09 or later, checks the SHA-1 package integrity.
    • Executes an SMP/E RECEIVE FROMNETWORK directly into the existing CSI (Consolidated Software Inventory) for SELCOPY Product Suite.

    The service package libraries (Xnnnnnnn and Snnnnnnn), including SMP/E HOLDDATA and RECEIVE, APPLY, ACCEPT jobs are found in the following directory of the CBL ftp server:

  2. If you are unable to FTP transfer the SMP/E service packages directly from the CBL FTP site to your z/OS host HFS directory (e.g. because of firewall restrictions), then the service package archives (zip or pax.Z) may be downloaded to your PC workstation as an alternative. Actions required following download of the two different archive formats are as follow:

    1. The zip archive must be unzipped to a folder of the Windows workstation before executing the supplied cblftpz.cmd Windows batch procedure to FTP the package material from the workstation to the z/OS host HFS directory.

    2. The pax.Z archive may be transferred from the Windows/Mac/Linux workstation to the z/OS host HFS directory and extracted using the z/OS Unix shell command, pax.

File Size Last Update Download File Size Last Update Download
X2022010 3,078,816 bytes 2022/01/13 12:37 ZIP 4,161,024 bytes 2022/01/13 12:37 PAX.Z
SELCOPY Product Suite 3.50 for z/VSE and z/VM

SELCOPY Product Suite 3.50 for z/VSE and z/VM

There is currently no product maintenance for SELCOPYi, SELCOPY Batch and CBLVCAT Release 3.50.

SELCOPY Product Suite 3.50 Maintenance Summary

SELCOPY Product Suite 3.50 Maintenance Summary

Product maintenance corrects known errors to SELCOPYi, SELCOPY Batch and CBLVCAT components of SELCOPY Product Suite.

The following service packages contain descriptions of published PTFs to SELCOPY Product Suite 3.50 catogorised by product service package. APAR fix SYSMODs that have been superseded by a PTF are enclosed in parentheses beneath the PTF SYSMOD reference.

z/OS Service Package

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