Since its inception, Compute (Bridgend) Ltd has become respected internationally for its commitment to the production of system software for IBM Mainframe Computers, mainly, as a result of the success of its flagship product, SELCOPY, which now has a worldwide customer base.

CBL's second product, CBLVCAT, is for mainframe only, displaying system type information for files on VSE, MVS and CMS and giving VSAM tuning recommendations.

In 1995, CBL's policy of being driven by the customer resulted in production of a UNIX version of SELCOPY for the SUN Solaris platform, which was quickly followed by other PC and unix platforms, and 3 years later, the AS/400.

The year 2004 saw another milestone with the introduction of CBLi, giving an interactive windowed front-end to both SELCOPY and CBLVCAT, as well as a point and shoot facility for issuing commands to the system from CBLi's editor, which has all the features that can be expected from a modern editor. In 2009, CBLi was rebranded as SELCOPYi.

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