SELCOPY Product Suite Release 3.50 for z/OS


SELCOPY Product Suite Release 3.50 has been made Generally Available as of 2021/02/24, and may be downloaded from: .


New features for z/OS systems include:

SMF (System Management Facilities) Utilities:

SMF records are mapped by a library of SELCOPYi structured data objects (SDOs) provided as part of the SELCOPY Product Suite package.

The SMF Utilities are:

  • Formatted Online Browse.
    Browse an SMF dataset with optional record selection criteria.

  • Record Extract Tool.
    Take an extract from an SMF dataset using enhanced selection criteria.

  • Reporting Tool.
    Create a readable, user defined text report from SMF data.
    Selection based on any SMF field content combination.
    Optionally generate CSV, XML or JSON output.

For more information:

Report Utility:

Produces attractive printed reports from specific data fields within formatted input.

This input may originate from any one of the following sources:

  • Data sets, library members or HFS/ZFS files where records are mapped by a specified SELCOPYi SDO structure, HLASM DSECT, COBOL or PL/1 copybook.

  • SMF data sets. SMF records are mapped by the SELCOPYi SDO structures provided by SELCOPYi SMF Utilities.

  • A DB2 result table produced by a specific or SELCOPYi generated SQL query statement.

In addition to generating printable reports, the REPORT utility may use the same report definition input to generate output in CSV, XML or JSON formats.

For more information:

Support for PDSE Version 2 Library Member Generations.

SELCOPYi 3.50 extends support for PDS/PDSE libraries to include PDSE V2 libraries and member generations.

Library member generation notation "<member>.<genmask>" introduced for direct reference to an individual member generation or groups of generations via panel fields and primary commands.

Member generation notation now supported as input to the following new and existing SELCOPYi utilities:

  • List Library Member Generations. (New)
  • Copy (FCOPY) and Delete.
  • Member generation RECOVER. (New)
  • List/Delete Orphaned Member Generations (New)
  • FSU - File Search and Update.
  • COMPFILE - File Compare.
  • Text Editor - File Edit/View with SAVE.
  • Data Editor - Structured data Browse/Edit with SAVE.


SELCOPY is the original Assembler version of the batch product.

Fixes have been applied and on z/OS systems support for Spanned records with LRECL>32K has been introduced.


The SELCOPY (SLC) 3.50 C++ version batch program has been updated with fixes to product defects and on z/OS systems support for Spanned records has been introduced.

For more detailed documentation on SELCOPY Product Suite 3.50, please see: .

Note that all users of SELCOPY under a Mainframe licence are entitled to download and install SELCOPY for Windows on their local workstation.