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Developing for IBM Mainframe since 1970

Since its inception, CBL has become respected internationally for its commitment to developing software for IBM Mainframe.

Renowned for its power, speed, versatility and simplicity, see for yourself why CBL software is a cost effective solution to your mainframe data processing requirements.

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2023/03/22 - SELCOPY

CBL FTP Server Decommission.

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2022/01/26 - SELCOPY

SELCOPY Product Suite 3.50
Service X2022010 Published.

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2022/01/26 - SELCOPY

SELCOPY Product Suite 3.40
Service X2022011 Published.

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Success Stories

Statistics Finland

Our specific download environment is IBM AIX. We found out that AIX/SELCOPY did not do conversions from mainframe floating point fields. However, CBL promptly filled this gap.....

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Macro 4 Plc

The partnership with Compute (Bridgend) has really added value to our operation. The production and introduction of SELCOPY has saved us considerable sums.....

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Global Data Processing

SELCOPY's ability to perform direct (i.e. non-sequential) input of a large plain ASCII text file reduces processing time significantly when compared to using alternative solutions.....

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