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CBL Software products are available for download from this site. A free trial is available for IBM mainframe, UNIX or PC Server machines.

For IBM mainframe, a free trial of either SELCOPY or CBLVCAT includes use of the 3270 based SELCOPYi interactive environment.

Compute (Bridgend) Ltd formally guarantee that a request for a free trial of SELCOPY and/or CBLVCAT will incur no charge, commitment or obligation in any respect.

Following product installation, a password will be required in order to enable the product during the requested trial period.

To request a trial password, please complete and submit the web form on the right.

On receipt, trial password details spanning a minimum of 90 Days for mainframe or 30 Days for other platforms, will be sent by email to your technical contact.

Please note, Unix & PC Workstations are excluded from the Free Trial Offer.

Finally, download the SELCOPY Product suite for the relevant platform, follow the installation instructions enclosed and apply the CBL supplied trial licence password details to the required component (SELCOPY and/or CBLVCAT).

If technical assistance is required at any point during the software trial, please contact the CBL help desk.

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